Sport & Recreation

APR Consultants has worked extensively with district and regional councils assessing recreation trends and needs, preparing reserve management plans and recreation strategies at both the district and regional levels.

We can determine the regional economic impact of events for event organisers or district councils as well as working with community groups and organisations to provide feasibility studies and advice on strategy and marketing.

APR Consultants can assist with:


  • Preparation of recreation and leisure strategies at the District and Regional level
  • Evaluation of current and future recreation, community, cultural and arts facilities and demand analysis
  • Preparation of management and development plans for harbour areas and coastal reserves
  • Economic Impact Assessments


  • Marketing plans for community organisations
  • Feasibility studies for community organisations
  • Family Centre market research
  • Community Housing surveys
  • Museum research
  • Feasibililty studies for Music, Arts and Cultural centres
  • Social Indicators surveys
  • Community Outcomes surveys
  • Libraries Review

Featured Projects

Industry: Sport & Recreation
Project: Clearwater Classic Golf Open - Economic Impact

Industry: Sport & Recreation
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