Sustainability Assessments

What is a Sustainable Business?

The traditional business model has always involved an assessment of the company's bottom line performance as a key indicator of success. However, a more contemporary business model emerged in recent years whereby a business's success is not only measured by its financial performance but also by its environmental and social performance.

A business that performs well economically, socially and environmentally is commonly termed a "Sustainable Business".

Why does this concern you? Why should you as a business owner be concerned about being a Sustainable Business?

There could be a number of reasons for a business to consider becoming a Sustainable Business. In some cases the concept fits well with the owner's own philosophy.

However, in light of a global increase in environmental and social awareness, the most practical reason for you to consider a sustainable development approach to business is that an increasing number of your clients/customers are expecting you to do so.

How can APR Consultants help?

We offer Sustainability Assessments and ongoing support for those businesses wanting to work towards becoming a Sustainable Business.

What is a Sustainability Assessment?

A Sustainability Assessment is a collaborative process whereby APR staff experienced in the area of sustainable development work with your business to identify areas for improvement (e.g. addressing your business's carbon footprint).

At the end of this process you will receive a report which recommends short, medium and long term actions for your business to consider for implementation.

What happens after you receive your Sustainability Report?

As a business owner you to make a large number of decisions every day which you prioritise according to your business's needs. The same will apply to considering which actions identified in the Sustainability Report should be implemented.

The decision to implement an action from the report is up to you, but once you make that decision, APR can help you with its implementation.

For more information on Sustainability in Business, contact Eldad Collins on 07-349-8325.