Social and Market Research

Research is a crucial tool for all organisations - commercial or non-commercial - to reduce risk and improve project outcomes.

APR's insightful analysis can highlight previously concealed or unknown information and provide a sound foundation on which to develop organisational or business strategy.

APR Consultants retain an in-house research unit and has considerable statistical analysis capability to undertake a full range of qualitative and quantitative research tailored to meet individual project objectives. Research methods include telephone research, field research, on-line surveys, focus groups, self-completion surveys and face-to-face interviews together with desktop research.

APR Research services cover both social or non-commercial research as well as market or business research:

Social Research

  • Participatory Appraisal (PA) Community Visioning
  • Economic Impact Assessments
  • Social Impact Assessments
  • Economic Research
  • Social Marketing Research
  • Multi-variant Analysis
  • Formative Research
  • Housing surveys
  • Local authority surveys
  • Recreation and leisure surveys
  • Regional, district and industry employment skills surveys
  • Educational surveys into achievement, schooling patterns, etc.
  • Employment Skills surveys

Market Research

  • Market share analysis
  • Media research
  • Product usage and Mystery Shopper Research
  • Market demand research
  • Customer perception surveys
  • Business and consumer confidence surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Industry Analysis