Sustainable Development
The environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius hybrid promoting the Sustainable Charter

APR Consultants has been a cornerstone sponsor for the Charter and was involved with its inception and development since 1998. Back in 1998, APR undertook extensive consultation to determine which sustainability issues should be given priority.

This consultation resulted in development of the Charter Foundation, a list of sixteen undertakings which Charter members where expected to support.

The Charter Foundation has since been condensed to five key undertakings.
APR Consultants won a contract from the Ministry of Tourism to act as the Charter Assessor in October 2005. As Charter Assessor, APR was required to facilitate sustainability assessments for all members as well as provide ongoing support.

APR Consultants is an active member as well as being the Charter Assessor. Some of the actions taken by APR to support the company's sustainability philosophy include:

  • The paper system of circulating memos was changed to an electronic system to reduce paper use.
  • We contacted our IT supplier and ensured all toner/ink cartridges are recycled and contain no toxic chemicals.
  • All organic waste (primarily at the lunch room) is composted or given to a pig farmer.
  • A new printer was purchased which can print double sided documents. A policy was put in place to ensure that documents are to be printed double sided where possible (some documents have to be printed on one side due to the type of document being produced or client demands).
  • A hybrid vehicle was leased to reduce the company's carbon footprint.
  • A policy was put in place whereby any new product or service purchased by APR will be assessed for its sustainability performance as well as functionality and cost.

For more information, please visit the Sustainable Tourism Charter website.