Feasibility Studies

Commissioning an independent feasibility study is often one of the first steps in turning a proposed vision into reality.

APR Consultants undertakes feasibility studies and business plans for both commercial and non-commercial ventures. APR understands the additional complexities that exist in a non-commercial environment including the need for consultation and managing constraints around funding and resourcing.

APR's areas of expertise include:

  • Research, consultation and needs analysis;
  • Literature reviews;
  • Community profiles;
  • Stakeholder facilitation;
  • Market assessments and marketing plans;
  • Financial projections; and
  • Funding plans.

A selection of past projects includes:

  • Feasibility study into a Community Arts Centre for Hamilton City and the Waikato Region;
  • Feasibility study and needs analysis for Bunnythorpe Community Centre (Manawatu);
  • Feasibility study for a modernisation programme of pensioner housing in Whangarei;
  • Feasibility study for Geyser Community Foundation in Rotorua;
  • Feasibility study for an international karting facility;
  • Feasibility studies for various changes and upgrades to institutes of technology and polytechnics, including campus relocations;
  • Feasibility study for a proposed iwi-based whanau service centre; and
  • Feasibility study for a proposed public swimming pool.

If you are planning on turning your ideas into reality, APR Consultants would be happy to discuss your requirements.