Community Outcomes Monitoring and Reporting

Under Section 92 of the Local Government Act every city, district and regional council is required to monitor and report progress by their communities towards achieving community outcomes. This involves tracking progress towards sustainable development and ensuring residents and stakeholders are informed about local priorities. The aim is to provide a focus for agencies to plan together, work together and better allocate community resources.

Many local authorities have been struggling with how to establish a Section 92 monitoring and reporting programme, especially within a tight budget. Community outcomes monitoring requires specialist skills that not all councils have in-house.

Based on his experience in the local government sector, APR Consultants' Strategic Planning Manager Paul Killerby has developed a customised Community Outcomes Report that:

  • Builds on existing Section 91 Community Outcomes for the local authority area.
  • Fulfils the legislative requirements of Section 92.
  • Incorporates existing social, economic, environmental and cultural monitoring undertaken by the local authority and other agencies.
  • Produces summary information that can be developed into community-friendly reports.
  • Produces information that can be incorporated into the local authority's Annual Report in compliance with Schedule 10 S.15(c) of the Act.
  • Compiles data into a single Spreadsheet that the local authority can update on a regular basis.
  • Includes circles of well-being showing historical trends and identifying priority community needs.

In addition to a Community Outcomes Report and Spreadsheet, APR Consultants can offer:

  • Facilitation of community stakeholder meetings to identify 'SMART' indicators.
  • Monitoring and Reporting Plans including data calendars and community outcomes questionnaires.
  • Peer review of community outcomes processes and reports.
  • Community surveys to fill information gaps.

APR Consultants would be pleased to submit a proposal based on your local authorities' exact requirements. The indicative cost for a Community Outcomes Report and Supplementary Spreadsheet is between $10,000 and $20,000 depending on the specifics of the project, for example whether or not a community survey is involved. Projects of this type generally take one to three months to complete. To discuss your requirements, email Paul Killerby or phone 0-7-349 8327.

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