Annual Plans and Long-Term Council Community Plans

The Local Government Act 2002 is quite prescriptive in terms of strategic and annual planning.

APR Consultants' Strategic Planning Manager Paul Killerby is conversant with these details through involvement with a range of rural, provincial and metropolitan councils.

Paul has dealt with most elements of the ‘LTCCP Jigsaw’ including growth and demand projections, level of service reviews, community outcomes monitoring and overall project planning.

With the initial round of LTCCPs behind them, councils should be thinking ahead to planning issues of interest to elected members, local communities and auditors. This includes:

  • Taking an integrated approach to planning as an ongoing process.
  • Improving the quality of non-financial monitoring and reporting.
  • "Having the right debate", including linking the LTCCP process to community outcome priorities and data monitoring.
  • Preparing summaries of the Annual Plan and LTCCP which engage local communities.
  • Ensuring asset management plans are user-friendly and add value to the organisation.
  • Getting the right mix of high-level strategy and management detail within planning documents.
  • Reviewing levels of service and monitoring key performance indicators.
  • Developing city, district and regional-level planning frameworks that are integrated with the LTCCP and provide a focus for all stakeholders.
  • Reviewing council processes to ensure planning enhances decision-making.

APR Consultants would be pleased to discuss your council's strategic support requirements. On the basis of these discussions, APR would prepare a proposal and fee for consideration. To discuss your requirements contact or phone 0-7-349 8327.

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