Welcome to APR Architects

APR Architects are an award-winning Architectural Design practice servicing New Zealand's Central North Island and environs through offices in Rotorua and Hamilton.

NZIA-accredited and equipped with state-of-the-art design technology, APR Architects design a broad range of commercial, industrial, civic and residential buildings.

Although primarily focused on developing New Zealand and western-style design, APR Architects have also accumulated an array of international experience from a variety of different economic and social environments.

From the luxurious sculptural forms of the new city developments in the Middle East to low-cost self-help housing in Africa, APR Architects exposure to a wide range of new ideas and processes ensures that fresh thinking coupled with well-defined requirements generate innovative and practical design.

Uniquely, APR Architects are backed by the considerable research and statistical analysis capability of APR Consultants which interlinks closely with the physical development and design disciplines. This provides APR Architects with a full range of in-house skills to:

  • Undertake market and economic research to explore the feasibility of project ideas;
  • Translate feasibility studies into concept development and design;
  • Project manage design ideas into a complete ready to use facility.

Working together the inter-related companies are able to harness genuine synergy through their integrated workflow processes and systems. Both APR Architects and APR Consultants are supported by the corporate services of APR Group, which enable the APR companies to rationalise administration and pass on significant economies to the client.

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